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Auto Care


NATQUIC is auto care car service aiming to provide high quality, convenient  and comprehensive quick auto repair service.
Considering the growing trend in the market for specialist branded quick service workshops, NATCO  decided to launch its quick service network under the brand name of NATQUIC, that provide quick services such as “oil and filter change, tire and battery services, car washing and detailing”
In the end of 2014 NATCO signed a contract with National Petroleum Company NPCO (Wattania Gas Station) to locate NATQUIC Quick Service Workshops within Wattania Gas Stations.
NATQUIC network is located in East of Cairo, which is known with the highest density of Cairo’s population.
The first location was inaugurated on the 18th of January 2015. By May 2015, all of NATQUIC workshops were fully operated.
NATQUIC is seeking to be the cost-effective alternative to dealerships’ services for manufacturer recommended maintenance for passenger car, van, SUV and truck by being reachable to our customers and spreading in Egypt’s governorates.
NATQUIC’s goal is to have high customer satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness, time to completion and to discover new ways to exceed the expectations of its customers.

Natquic Services

  • Oil Change (Engine, Brake, Gear)
  • Filter Change (Air, A/C, Oil)
  • Tire Services
    • Change and Repair
    • Mounting and demounting
    • Tire Balancing
    • Wheel Alignment
    • Nitrogen Inflation
    • Rotation
  • Battery Services (Check, Replacement & Coolants)
  • Car Wash (Internal & External)
  • Full Car Detailing & Wax
  • Mechanical and Electrical Services
    • Engine Belts Replacement
    • Brake Pads Replacement
    • Rear Brake Shoes Replacement
    • Control Arms Replacement
    • Shock Absorbers Replacement
    • Check& Replacement of Light Bulbs
    • Headlights Alignment
    • Sparks Plug replacement
  • Car Related Products Sales
    • Oil & Lubricants
    • Batteries
    • Sun shades & wind shield wipers
    • Car Accessories

Natquic Locations

  • NATQUIC – Omar Ebn Khatab
    • City center location in Nasr city
    • Address: Omar Ebn Khattab street, inside Wattania Gas Station beside City Stars Mall
    • Mobile: 01276121111
  • NATQUIC – Musheer
    • Ring road located in the New Cairo 5th settlement
    • Address: Musheer Tantawy Axis inside Wattania Gas Station beside the stadium of the Military Faculty
    • Mobile: 01211117403
  • NATQUIC – Ramsis
    • City center location in Nasr city
    • Address: Inside Wattania Gas Station in front of Ministry of Finance
    • Mobile: 01276111190
  • NATQUIC – Gardenia
    • located in Cairo – Suez  desert road
    • Address: Cairo-Suez Road, inside Wattania Gas Station
    • Mobile: 01276911113
  • NATQUIC – Joseph Tito
    • located Near Cairo International airport
    • Address: Joseph Tito Axis inside Wattania Gas Station
    • Mobile: 01211117403