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Company History

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NATCO Milestones

08:25 am


NATCO Establishment

3:20 pm


- Daimler Dealership Agreement

- World Trade Center Showroom Inauguration

08:25 am


Giza National Automotive Establishment

10:00 am


Alexandria National Automotive Establishment

11:35 am


CNA - Fom El Khalig Branch Inaguration

08:25 am


Egyptian German Automotive Establishment

08:25 am


Star Care Company Establishment

10:00 am


Star Finance Establishment

08:25 am


Cairo National Automotive Kattameya Branch Inaguration

08:25 am


Giza National Automotive Pyramids Heights Branch Inaugration

10:00 am


- Hurghada National Automotive Establishment

- Alexandria National Automotive AL ALAMEIN Branch Inaguration

11:35 am


- NATQUIC Inaguration

- Star Insurance Brokerage (SIB) Inaguration

The Beginning

In 1962, Sami Saad & Co. was established, they started their road trip with the construction business, and was vastly growing, against all the odds.
Today, Sami Saad Holding is an Egypt based firm with more than 30 companies working under its umbrella in the areas of Engineering & Construction, Automotive, Food and Hospitality, with emphasize on Real Estate and Industrial Development In 1987, Sami Saad partners with Mercedes-Benz in Egypt and begins extended negotiations with the Egyptian government to privatize the sales and servicing of the German automobiles in Egypt. In 1988, NATCO is established to manage the automotive sector.

The Locations

Few months later, NATCO launched its prestigious showroom in the World Trade Center, enforcing the sense of luxury of the brand. To better serve the growing number of customers, NATCO needed to expand its grounds, launching three facilities between the years of 1991 and 1995, providing sales, after sales and spare parts services. NATCO naturally followed its customers, based on vehicles density distribution and potential customers’ base; their chosen locations were in Egypt’s three major cities where they established Giza Service Center, Alexandria Service Center, and Cairo Service Center-Fom Al Khalig.

The Factory

The only way NATCO and Daimler-Benz were going to be able to maintain success locally was through local assembly of the cars. Cars assembled in Egypt were going to be reasonably priced compared to imported cars with zero deficiency production quality; opening up new market segments to Mercedes-Benz in Egypt, Daimler-Benz understood that and signed a partnership agreement in April 1996 with NATCO forming the Egyptian German Automotive Company-EGA.
NATCO added an industrial dimension to the relationship with Daimler in 1996 by establishing Egyptian German Automotive Factory EGA with a production capacity of 12,000 vehicles/year. EGA takes a lot of pride in owning the only assembly plant outside of Germany that was able to transform itself into a component manufacturer and supplier. It started locally manufacturing a Mercedes-Benz quality brake disc in 2002. Today it has successfully produced close to 2 million brake discs, meeting one third of the international brake discs demand of Mercedes-Benz. In 2007, Egyptian German Automotive EGA rolls out the first S-Class vehicle at its assembly plant.

The Subsidiaries

In 2001, NATCO has officially launched its three subsidiaries to be the exclusive dealerships for Mercedes-Benz in Egypt. The first of these was Cairo National Automotive Company-CNA in August 2001. Two weeks later, the Alexandria National Automotive Company-ANA was launched, followed by the Giza National Automotive Company-GNA.
2010 has seen remarkable milestones for NATCO, beginning with the opening of the Cairo National Automotive-Kattameya 3S facility and ending with NATCO’s record sales of over 4,500 cars in one year. In 2013, NATCO launches its state-of-the-art 3S facility Giza National Automotive GNA - Pyramids Heights, coinciding with its 25 years anniversary celebrations.
With 8 existing 3S facilities, 10 sales outlets and over 195 work bays, today NATCO owns and runs the largest dealers’ network in Egypt, serving and reaching out to a wide range of current and potential customers.

Giza National Automotive -GNA

Founded in 1991, Giza National Automotive has been the first Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in Egypt for more than 26 years – combining the long history of the place and the noble heritage of the brand.  Following our customers who started moving to the outskirts, Giza National Automotive opened its new world-class 3S facilities in Pyramids Heights in 2013.
GNA currently owns two giant «3S» facilities for sales, service and spare parts of Mercedes-Benz cars. The first is located in 1, Tahrir St., Dokki and the second in the KM 22, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road - Pyramids Heights Complex.

3 S Facilities:

  •  Pyramids Heights  
  •  Dokki            

Work Bays:

  • Total number of: 81 work bays

Cairo National Automotive-CNA

Founded in 1995, Cairo National Automotive a Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in Egypt. Following our customers who started moving to the outskirts, Cairo National Automotive opened its new world-class 3S facilities in Kattameya in 2010.
CNA currently owns two giant «3S» facilities for sales, service and spare parts of Mercedes-Benz cars. The first is located in 1025, Cornish El Nile St., Fom El Khalig and the second in Ring Road – Third District – New Cairo – West Heliopolis.

3 S Facilities:

  •  Kattameya  
  •  Fom El Khalig            

Work Bays:

  • Total number of: 72 work bays

Alexandria National Automotive-ANA

Founded in 1993, Alexandria National Automotive has been the second Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer in Egypt. Following our customers in the most visited holiday spots namely Al Alamein, ANA opened its «3S» facility in 2014.
ANA currently owns two giant «3S» facilities for sales, service and spare parts of Mercedes-Benz cars. The first is located in Alex-Cairo Agriculture Road, Semouha, Alexandria and the second in KM 124, Alexandria-Matrouh North Coast Road Al Alamein. In addition to a showroom located in 91, 26th July street, El Raml, Azarita.

3 S Facilities:

  •  Semouha  
  •  Al Alamein (Seasonal Branch)


  • Cornish

Work Bays:

  • Total number of: 31 work bays

Hurghada National Automotive-HNA

Founded in 2014, Hurghada National Automotive a «3S» facility for sales, service and spare parts of Mercedes-Benz cars, located in El-Nagda square, Ring Road - Hurghada - Red sea, one of the touristic and most visited holiday spots.

Work Bays:

  • Total number of: 8 work bays