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Procurement Specialist


We are seeking a highly organized and detail-oriented Procurement Specialist to manage our procurement process and ensure that we have the necessary resources to meet our business objectives.


1- Responsible for coordinating the work between all providers’/authorities and All branches.

2- Responsible for receiving the requests from all branches with all needed technical data and Brands (If exists) and getting offers.

3- Responsible for using search engines to check brands agents and items supplier for all required spare parts, equipment and all items.

4- Responsible for following the open orders and assuring the deliveries on time with respect to the requester needs.

5- Responsible for all documentation required.

Job Requirements:

  •  Bachelor Degree
  • Relative experience in the same field (Automotive, Parts) (min. 3years)
  • Skills: MS-Office & Very Good English Language  (Reading-Speaking-writing), Good user for using Search engines 


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