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Project Manager


To plan, execute, and close projects effectively and efficiently. Project managers are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed within budget, on time, and to the satisfaction of the stakeholders. They are responsible for managing the project team, communicating with stakeholders, identifying and managing risks, and ensuring that the project is aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.


  • Manage the design and construction phases of projects , assigns and directs the design and construction activities of a multi-disciplined stakeholders  that may change from project to project; assigns and reviews the work of engineers, consultants, contractors, and technical support staff; reviews and approves designs, plans, specifications, contracts and documents for project feasibility, adherence to departmental requirements and standards, and compliance with Business development , local regulations and mandates; manages the pre-programming and programming of design and construction projects.
  • Performs feasibility studies to determine the practicality of major engineering and/or projects; prepares or reviews preliminary cost estimates for materials, and; reports findings and makes recommendations; prepares budget estimates and justifications for projects; makes field inspections to gather data.
  • Review and study all contract’s conditions and provide contract analysis that includes summary reports to each concerned party (Technical, Cost and Planning, etc.) to prepare the requirements needed to start the project.
  • Responsible for all the correspondence going back and forth between the company, and provide a list of official letters with their current status in the form of contractual log to keep track of the project progress, issues, and risks, either for information or any action needed.
  • Convenes pre-construction job meetings to review all aspects of construction requirements; indicates priorities for the completion of various aspects of the work; construction schedule; directs and coordinates other project-related activity, such as telecommunications/data equipment installation and furniture/equipment move.
  • Replies to a variety of correspondence from contractors, consulting engineers and, governmental agencies and organizations and others regarding the interpretation of specifications, policy determination, approval of materials and equipment, and workmanship standards; prepares correspondence to government regarding subsidized programs; notifies agencies of work changes.
  • Reviews and checks monthly estimates of work completed; reporting to Head of Department  

Job Requirements:


  • Methods of engineering as applied to design and construction projects. Methods and techniques as applied to project design, plans and specifications development, cost estimates, contract and budget preparation, construction implementation, and inspection.
  • contract administration and compliance as applied to the construction phase of projects.

EDUCATION: (Preferably Architect)

  • Completion of a bachelor's degree program at an accredited college or university with major coursework in engineering, architecture or architectural engineering, or civil.


  • 10+ years of engineering in the design and construction phases of work projects.


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